The Solas Foundation

Authentic Scholarly Teaching

Solas Foundation
The SOLAS Foundation holds that authentic scholarly teaching about Islam enriches the identity of Scottish Muslims and wider society. To this end, the Foundation has developed the i-Syllabus -educational and study programs that lead to a contextual appreciation of the teachings that give Islam both its historic stability as well as the dynamism needed in the modern age.

The i-Syllabus approaches issues relating to Islam and Muslims from an authoritative theological and social policy frame of reference, shedding light on the Muslim scholarly perspective on questions of public and private concern. Quality learning and education is based on authentic and authoritative scholarship (the ijaza system of authorisation) that faithfully represents the Muslim knowledge tradition.

It is the deep held conviction and belief of the Solas Foundation that a non-sectarian and socially pluralist vista provides the most accurate representation of the expansive teachings of the Prophets, and to this end it strives to reflect this inclusively into all of its activities.

These teachings hold that both gender and class should not be put up as barriers to having an impact on the wider civic sphere and so the Solas Foundation aims to develop avenues through which all individuals are able to harness their particular skills for the benefit of wider society. In this it actively engages with other interested collectives and organization to make this vision a reality.