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Orphanage in Bangladesh

Asia Pacific Children's Fund
The Ibrahim Foundation supports an orphanage in Bangladesh. Now a four-story orphanage that includes a school, it currently houses 500 children. Sadly, the need for more space is urgent and the Asia-Pacific Children's Fund wants to expand it to accommodate over 2000 needy children. At present, running costs are over £5000 a month and costs will dramatically increase as construction plans proceed. The long-term aim is to expand this project to other parts of Bangladesh and maybe other countries of extreme poverty.

The Bangladesh orphanage and school project is one of the big four projects funded by the Ibrahim Foundation since 2008. Chairman of Ibrahim Foundation on far left with the principal of orphanage on far right.

It currently caters for 500 orphans providing board and schooling. Planning to expand considerably over the next few years as there is shortage of demand.

There is no shortage of demand in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Building extension.

Ibrahim Foundation is also planning to build a dedicated unit for girls and eventually a maternity unit.

Labourers hard at work in soaring heat building much needed extenstion.

The project is audited annually to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

With Asia Pacific Children's Fund co founder Yusuf Rab in 2013.

Students and staff in 2013